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It also sits on a 0.67-acre property which has a great view of the Whale’s Tail—a giant rock that juts out into the southern Pacific Ocean. Curiously, not only has it got the distinct shape of the tail of a whale but it’s also the exact spot where hundreds of humpback whales congregate each year.

The Pratts love their relaxed, outdoor lifestyle in Ojochal.

Overton says, “Prices in Costa Rica vary as much as anywhere, it depends on the location and views. Houses in the U.S., with views of the ocean like we have here, would be astronomically expensive.”

The couple truly love their retirement home and have made many friends in the surrounding area, both expats and Ticos. Ojochal is known for its plethora of ethnic restaurants and is often called the culinary capital of Costa Rica. There are three lovely pristine sandy beaches in the area and the jungle is alive with toucans, monkeys, and other jungle flora and fauna. There is also a new hospital nearby and an international school.

Since retiring, Overton has been able to indulge his passion for snakes and other reptiles. He runs a website on snake identification in Costa Rica to assist those interested in identifying snakes there, as well as in Panama and Nicaragua. With assistance from a friend, this has developed into Costa Rica Wildlife which identifies all species of animals and insects in Costa Rica.

Michelle also indulges her passions. Having had an interest in gardening all her life, she has created many botanical gardens throughout Arizona and Idaho. Overton explains proudly, “Now living in Costa Rica with its perfect weather, she has created medicinal and culinary herbal gardens to compliment our property.” Their yard is a stunning showplace of lush shrubs, trees, and blossoms.

Overton sums it up in one sentence, “We have truly found Elements Silver Women Pearl Thread Earrings E5543W rLbOd
in Costa Rica.”

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I briefly covered some lessons I'd learned while building a (kind of real) web app in Elixir. Today, I'd like to take an in-depth look at composable queries in . First, a brief introduction to Ecto.

What is Ecto?

I think of Ecto as a light-weight ORM. Ecto uses Elixir structs to represent database tables and provides a DSL for building and executing database queries. Because I'm boring, we're going to use the ages-old "post has many comments" example to demonstrate Ecto's capabilities. We'll assume we have the following models.

Querying with Ecto

Ecto provides two styles of querying syntax: keyword query syntax and query expressions. Note that in both query styles, the construction of the query is a distinct and separate process from the execution on the query. In each style, a constructed query is passed to the application's to be executed.

Keyword Query Syntax

Keyword query syntax closely mirrors SQL and feels a lot like LINQ. I'll demonstrate using some example queries.

Select all posts

Select all published posts

Select all comments for post 1

Query Expressions

Query expressions follow the pipeline concept often seen in Elixir APIs. It is important to note that these queries all start with the model module (e.g. ). The model itself is a queryable object that represents all items in the given table. Here are the same examples using query expressions.

Select all posts

Select all published posts

Select all comments for post 1

Query Composition

It is easy to see how queries built in the query expression style can be composed - you simply add new constraints to your pipeline. It is not immediately obvious how to compose queries built with the keyword query syntax nor how to compose queries of differing types.

First, we must understand an important feature of the keyword query syntax. In the clause, the token after the can be any queryable object other queries are queryable! Here's an example.

Knowing this, we can now mix and match query syntax types.

Putting It All Together

Now, let's add some functions to our Ecto models with nice, descriptive names.

I've used both styles of querying to show their interchangability when it comes to composition. Now, let's use our functions to build some queries. Normally, I'd do this type of composition in my Phoenix controllers.

Wrap Up

I hope this gives you an idea of the power and flexibility Ecto provides for extracting reusable query components and composing them to build more complex queries. I've found these techniques reduce duplication and complexity while aiding testing.


You can find a talk I gave on this subject at ElixirConf 2015 .

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